Calcetines de compresión

La presión que te quita un peso de encima

Calcetines de compresión ligera (14-17 mmHg)

What are compression socks?

Calcetinos compression socks use graduated compression to increase circulation for energy and support for travel, daily use, pregnant women, standing workers, etc.

They work by applying gradual compression to two natural pumps in the body: the ankle and the calf. And why do we say that the compression is gradual? Because it decreases as the garment rises to just below the knee, which is the minimum height that this type of garment should have.

The use of compression socks

Thanks to the pressure they exert, compression socks help blood return to the heart more easily. In this way, they relieve and prevent common problems such as swollen legs and muscle fatigue.

The first problem, swelling in the legs, is usually experienced by people who work all day standing, those who work all day sitting, those who travel several hours by plane or train, and women from the second trimester of pregnancy.

The second problem, muscle fatigue, can be experienced by both elite and amateur athletes. When wearing compression socks for muscle fatigue, blood flows better through the muscles, allowing them to receive all the nutrients and oxygen they need more efficiently.


Socks for swollen legs from Calcetinos

At Calcetinos we want you to walk light and for your legs not to weigh you down at the end of the day.

Our compression socks apply light pressure , ranging from 14 to 17 mmHg certified by external laboratories. That is, they are designed for mild circulation problems , not for more serious ones such as chronic venous insufficiency or deep vein thrombosis. If you suffer from any disease that affects circulation, you should consult with your doctor.

Light and breathable materials

Yes, we want you to walk light, but we also want you not to get hot. For this reason, our compression socks are made of equally light materials, such as cotton, Coolmax and bamboo fibers, breathable and extremely comfortable textiles. If your feet or legs get really hot, we recommend the bamboo model, which is especially suitable for summer.

Bamboo Compression Socks

Designs for everyday life

Socks with too many decorations are less effective than more "plain" ones, since too many designs (threads) affect the effectiveness of the garment. We seek a balance between functionality and style , offering you compression socks for women and men with unisex designs for all moments of the day.

Comfort ahead

Can you imagine compression socks that made you feel uncomfortable? The remedy would be worse than the disease... We make sure that our socks stay tight, without falling off all the time and without giving a feeling of being overwhelmed .

Who are they for?

Our selection of compression socks are ideal for healthcare personnel, runners or athletes who want to improve their muscle fatigue, sedentary people or workers who spend the day standing or sitting, pregnant women, frequent travelers and, in general, those looking for comfort in their day. a day.

Our pairs of unisex socks offer gradual compression from ankle to knee high. We guarantee a perfect fit and a significant improvement in circulation. At Calcetinos you will find the quality and design that your feet deserve.

How to wash socks

You can wash them in cold or warm water (less than 30ºC), with neutral pH soap , and by hand or in the washing machine , as you prefer.

Do you feel at the end of the day that you can't stand your legs? Do you have that itchy feeling that scratching won't go away? Do you want to enjoy the afternoon and evening as you really want?

Put on some socks and don't let your legs cut your wings!