me paso el día sentado y estoy cansado: calcetines para mujeres que trabajan todo el día con ordenador

Let's see if this sounds familiar to you...

"How can I be tired if I sit all day?"

You have probably asked yourself this question more than once, but science has revealed the mystery that was hidden behind this paradox experienced by those who work sitting down.

pies hinchados por estar sentado todo el día trabajando

Are your feet swollen from sitting?

Well, sitting all day at work causes blood to circulate worse through the legs, since the muscles that form them remain at rest for a long time. Come on, you will be working, but your leg muscles are on strike from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. And this is what causes that feeling of heavy, swollen or itchy legs .

The relief you have throughout the day is to move them as much as possible: when you get up to the bathroom, to make another coffee or in your own chair, at the cost of involuntarily kicking the shin of the person sitting in front of you. you.

calcetines compresivos para trabajar sentado

Solution: Compression socks for working while sitting

Another solution to prevent your legs from feeling heavy is to wear compressive socks for sitting work , a garment that promotes circulation through the foot and leg by applying light, gradual pressure on the ankle, which gently descends to the calf and thigh. . This will reduce the feeling of heaviness in your legs and the need to move them while sitting.

Be careful, we are not saying that you wear socks so as not to go to the bathroom or get another coffee, but your legs will surely thank you. Your legs, and the shins of the partner in front of you.

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