Piernas hinchadas y pesadas al viajar en avión

Swollen and heavy legs when traveling by plane

You bought the ticket and forgot to choose the aisle seat so you could stretch your legs a bit. This is the best way… to start the trip on the wrong foot.

Now, hours await you by the window, enjoying the landscape better, it's true, but at the cost of your legs becoming swollen, itchy, or feeling heavier than that lady in the background who doesn't stop shouting.

Calcetines de compresión para viajar

Relieve those symptoms with compression socks for travel

The trip continues, and you have already asked the person next to you to let you pass three times. Your legs may be swelling , but that person looks like something is swelling too...

In short, the blood does not have to reach the river: it has to reach your legs and back up, this is how you will relieve those annoying symptoms of heavy legs that are going to give you the trip.

Calcetines de compresión para viajar en avión, tren o coche

Compression stockings for air travel

To do this, you should wear compression socks designed for air travel , which apply gradual pressure from the ankle to below the knee to take that weight off your shoulders during the trip.

In case next time you forget to get your hall ticket, don't forget your Socks .

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