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Different people, same problem

Even people with the most opposite routines in the world are somewhat alike. For example, a person who spends all day standing and another who spends it sitting .

The first, after being up and down all day, just wants to sit down. The second, after leaving her mark on the office chair, just wants to get up. Do you know what they have in common? Circulation problems in the legs.

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Compression socks to improve circulation

The feeling of heaviness, swelling and itching in the legs accompanies these people throughout the day, even if it is for different reasons. And that muscle fatigue in the legs is what takes away, at the end of the day, the desire to do what they really want to do: go out to dinner, dance... live.

But you can prevent and relieve these annoying symptoms with compression socks , garments specifically designed to improve blood circulation in the lower extremities.

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How do compression socks work?

The socks exert graduated compression throughout the garment, putting more pressure in the ankle area and less pressure in the upper calf.

This pressure that begins at the ankle favors circulation through the leg and to the heart. Therefore, the socks that really help blood circulation are the long ones, below the knee.

The force exerted by compression socks is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Thus, depending on mmHg, the pressure can be from light to very high. The Socks offer a level of light compression (14-17 mmHg) , just enough to prevent and relieve lead legs.

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Emphasis on materials

The Socks are made with different materials that give you more comfort, such as cotton and bamboo . In addition, they have a perspiration treatment to avoid those bad odor problems that some people suffer from (and, above all, those who are with them).

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Balance between function and style

The designs of our compression socks are consciously simple , since excess decorations (stripes, drawings, etc.) can reduce the pressure exerted by the garment.

But we understand that you also care about style, so we always seek a balance between function and a design that fits you like a glove.

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Socks are light compression stockings, so they are NOT indicated for the treatment of diseases such as edema due to heart disease, advanced chronic venous insufficiency or deep vein thrombosis. If you suffer from any of them, please consult with your doctor.

Pressure level tested and guaranteed by specialized laboratories.

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