calcetines de compresión para trabajar todo el día de pie

If you spend the day dreaming of sitting

Compression socks for standing work

After spending all day on your feet, heaviness, swelling or itching in your legs are the symptoms that welcome you home when you return from work. And, with your legs like this, you're not going to do much else until it's time to go to sleep. The day may have been productive, but at night you no longer have a foot in the game.

Tired legs syndrome occurs when standing for several hours, since this posture, prolonged over time, reduces blood flow to the lower extremities.

dolor de piernas y de pie por trabajar mucho de pie

Leg pain from standing for a long time?

Health personnel, flight attendants, salespeople, waiters, hairdressers and a long etcetera of professionals facing the public tend to be the jobs in which, except for food, you do not have a minute to sit down and enjoy that moment " Phew!”

But, if sitting is a luxury that you can't afford at work, how can you avoid the tired legs that bother you so much the rest of the day?

como evitar las varices si trabajas de pie con medias de compresión o calcetines compresivosv para el trabajo

Compression socks for work

The way is to wear compression socks for work , a garment made of elastic materials that exert firm but comfortable compression on the lower extremities. Its design is based on a gradual compression system, that is, they exert greater pressure on the ankles and progressively decrease towards the calf and thigh.

So, even if you spend more hours standing than a mannequin, your legs will feel less heavy, less swollen and less itchy. And you will have the wings to, after work, enjoy life, that is why we are here.

Believe us: with Socks , you will love working under pressure.

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