Relieve leg muscle fatigue

Well, it's a very good day to go out and take in the air, the sun or a couple of "somethings". The excuse is the least of it: what we want is to get away from the screen, go out to stretch our legs and burn a few calories, because at this age the damn ones go to the same place...

It's okay that we're not particularly athletic, and it's okay that we don't have the body of a kid anymore, but, after just an hour's walk, we return home as if a truck had run over us . With a feeling of swelling, heaviness and itching in the legs that gives us the rest of the day.

With what we were in our times, when we put up with everything they threw at us, from spending the day wearing out soles on the street to the rat poison that they served in that place that became fashionable...

Good news: not everything is the fault of age

Time is unforgiving, but muscle fatigue is not just a matter of age. Furthermore, now we have more experience in life, we have seen more of the world, we have done things that we couldn't do when we were younger.

That said, the muscle fatigue we feel in our legs when going from here to the corner is also the fault of our sedentary lifestyle : we are no longer a bundle of nerves and we move much less than before.

Compression Socks for Muscle Fatigue

For this reason, at Calcetinos we want to give you a hand so that you don't get so tired when you go out to take in the air, the sun or a pair of good brand "algos": compressive socks that reduce the feeling of muscle fatigue by improving circulation in the legs. Thanks to the light pressure they exert, blood reaches the muscles better and, with it, the nutrients they need to keep up the pace.

For this reason, they are also recommended for activities such as running, cycling or any other that requires mild or moderate physical effort from the legs.

Look on the bright side: when we were young we got less tired, but we didn't know Socks existed. If there is no evil that does not come for good

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