Embarazada con calcetines de compresión para las piernas hinchadas

Swollen legs during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body becomes a roller coaster of hormones. As the new member of the family grows, collateral problems also grow that leave you bedridden on the couch or in bed for almost the entire day: cramps, varicose veins, and the feeling of heaviness and swelling in your legs , among many others.

Mujer embarazada con medias compresivas para mejorar la circulación por las piernas

Swollen legs: common in future mothers

In addition to hormonal imbalances, which can cause fluid retention that goes down to the legs, there is another cause of these complications: the weight of the baby.

As you gain weight, you put more pressure on your lower extremities, which in turn causes poorer blood circulation .

Calcetines de compresión ligera para aliviar pies y piernas de embarazadas

Compression socks for pregnant women

Therefore, especially in the last months, pregnant women should wear compression stockings or socks for pregnancy , this way they will reduce the swelling in their legs caused by the future king or queen of the house.

At Calcetinos we may not be able to help you with other symptoms of pregnancy, but we can lighten the time you have left to live the happiest day of your life. And congratulation's!

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