Do you notice your legs heavier and more sore in summer? You're not alone. The heat can turn relaxing days into a nightmare for your legs. Fortunately, compression socks can be your salvation.

Causes of leg pain in summer

Leg pain in summer can be caused by various causes related to high temperatures and impairment of blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Chronic venous insufficiency and heat

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) is one of the main reasons why legs hurt more in summer. We are going to explain how venous insufficiency works with heat using an example of escalation:

  • Imagine that you are in a climbing gym where there are generally quite a few "ice axes" or climbing holds to hold on to. The climb will be easy and without too much difficulty, right?
  • The equivalent would be to imagine that the blood has to "climb" (go up) through your veins from bottom to top (from your feet to your heart, passing through your legs), and that the area of ​​your legs is that good area for climbing:
How chronic venous insufficiency works explained simply
  • Now imagine that on that climb you have to go through a section where there are not so many places to grab. You'll have more difficulty going up, right?
  • That's what happens to your legs when it's hot: the veins widen , making there "less supports to hold onto" (making it harder for blood to flow).
How chronic venous insufficiency works explained in a simple way 2


The result: swelling, heaviness and pain.

But don't worry, this doesn't mean you have CVI just because your legs hurt in summer! Heat affects everyone, although some tolerate it better than others. This article is for you, who are not coping at all well and want to prevent those annoying symptoms.

Circulatory problems and high temperatures

When it's hot, veins widen, making it difficult for blood to return to the heart. This creates increased pressure within the veins, called hypertension . Because of this pressure, fluid from the blood leaks into soft tissues such as muscles and skin. In other words, fluid "dissipates" from the veins into these tissues, causing heaviness, swelling, and cramps.

Continuing with the example of climbing... It is as if the blood becomes so overwhelmed (hypertension) trying to find holds within the established climbing path (the vein) that it "deviates from the path" and goes to climb in areas not designed for (instead of continuing in the vein, the blood goes to the muscles and skin = instead of continuing on the climbing route, you deviate along an alternative “dangerous” path).

How hypertension works in the veins explained with a climbing metaphor according to Socks

How can compression socks help high blood pressure?

When there is hypertension in the veins and fluid dissipates into the soft tissues, compression socks help compress the legs (with gradual pressure, of course), which reduces the widening of the veins. This gradual compression improves blood flow, facilitating the return of blood to the heart and reducing hypertension in the veins. By reducing hypertension, it also decreases the amount of fluid that leaks into the soft tissues, thus relieving heaviness, swelling and cramps.

Compression stockings for relief of swollen legs and cramps


Did you know?

You may have poor circulation and not know it. because during the rest of the year you don't notice too many discomforts or symptoms, but when spring or summer arrives you start to feel as if your legs were not yours 😳.

Ironically, the people who would probably need socks the most are those who can: wham! They already go barefoot or in sandals. They can't stand the heat in their feet. They can't stand the sock. In reality, what they can't stand is the poor circulation that their body has in summer, which goes from the feet to the legs... No matter how much they wear sandals, many people still notice that their feet are dying of heat. It starts with heat in your feet, and sooner or later you end up noticing that your legs hurt. Does it sound familiar to you?

Sedentary lifestyle and its impact on the legs

If you also have a job where you spend the day standing (waiter, hairdresser, museum guide...) or sitting all day (in an office, teleworking at home, for example), well, much worse! The difficulty of blood going up through your legs will be even greater, and the dissipation that we mentioned will occur. The mixture of heat + dissipation + standing or sitting all day due to the type of work you do will make a Molotov cocktail for those hot nights 🥲

Fluid retention in summer

As we say, heat can cause increased fluid retention in the body, which affects blood circulation and can contribute to pain and swelling in the legs.

Come on, it also coincides with the time when you go out more with your friends, you go to a little terrace and make your cheese tapas, chips, beers... You go to have some beers "to cool off" but you end up worse when you get into bed. Sitting or standing for many hours + heat + pre-cooked meals. Add and continue 🥵

Obesity and its relationship with leg pain

This may be a bit obvious, but it had to be said. Just like when you're pregnant and carrying "extra weight," the more weight your legs have to support , the more strain and extra pressure on your veins. This makes venous return even more difficult.

swollen foot veins due to excess heat, overweight or pregnancy

So, if you are thinking about losing a few pounds this summer, don't just do it (just) for aesthetics; your legs will thank you.

Common symptoms of leg pain in summer

Swelling and heavy feeling in the legs

In the end, that "painful" feeling is nothing more than your swollen legs due to poor blood circulation.

Tiredness and leg cramps

Tiredness and leg cramps can be symptoms of circulatory problems in summer. Lack of proper blood circulation can cause muscle fatigue and cramps, especially after periods of intense physical activity. This is precisely why many people turn to " rest socks " or " recovery socks ." They are called that because of the feeling of relief after, for example, having done a good bike ride in the middle of summer. With any of our Fresh Socks (compression socks for summer) you will notice that relief.

Skin problems and sun exposure

Skin problems, such as the appearance of spots or changes in color, can also be indicative of poor circulation in the legs. These symptoms can be aggravated by increased temperatures and sun exposure. People with a tendency to venous insufficiency should not expose themselves to excessive sun exposure, since this heat vasodilates (and you have already learned that if the veins dissipate or dilate, the problem worsens).

If this happens to you, we recommend that you go directly to a doctor so that he or she can thoroughly analyze your case. It may not mean anything, but better safe than sorry.

Varicose veins and spider veins

Varicose veins and spider veins are common problems related to chronic venous insufficiency in summer. These manifestations can cause aesthetic and physical discomfort, such as itching, burning and pain in the legs. If you ALREADY have these spiders, you probably need medium or heavy compression socks (the Socks are light gradual compression). In this case, it is best for your doctor to tell you what type of compression and therapy you need.

Tips to relieve leg pain in summer

Stay active and do light exercise

Physical activity is essential to improve blood circulation in the legs and relieve pain. Gentle exercises such as walking and swimming are recommended.

walk and swim

Brisk walking and swimming are low impact exercises which promote venous return and help avoid swelling and heaviness in the legs.

Practice moderate exercise

Performing moderate exercise, such as yoga or pilates, can also help strengthen leg muscles and improve blood circulation.

Use of home remedies

There are simple home remedies that can provide relief for leg pain in summer, such as applying contrast baths (cold-warm water), performing gentle massages, elevating the legs or wearing socks.

Apply cold and warm water

Combine cold water - warm water - cold water - warm water. With this, you make “your veins go to the gym” (dilate, contract, dilate, contract… vasoconstriction and vasodilation ). This effort makes your veins “work” and consequently become stronger and have better health.

Veins in vasoconstriction and vasodilation doing hydrotherapy or contrast baths
In fact, cold/refreshing gels have not proven to be effective at all. At most they can be a momentary relief, but they don't really help relieve inflammation or prevent you from feeling like tired legs. Nothing is as effective as transforming your strong veins with that “hot-cold aquagym” 😉

Image taken from

Image taken from article Benefits of Hot and Cold Contrast Therapy Baths

Cold water showers and baths

There is a false myth that a cold shower on your legs will activate certain things in your body that will make you warmer. FAKE! The thing is that the cold shower only provides temporary relief (in fact, r We recommend taking a cold water shower on your legs just before going to bed) and, as we have told you, the best solution is to "take your legs to the hydrotherapy gym" (the combination of cold and warm water).

Perform massages

Gentle, circular leg massages can stimulate circulation and relieve muscle tension, helping to reduce pain and swelling.

Avoid tight clothing

It is important to avoid tight clothing that hinders blood circulation. NOTE, Socks are not "tight clothing". Socks have gradual compression which goes from the ankle (more pressure) to below the knee (less pressure) and is what facilitates venous return through your legs. If you're wondering if they're going to squeeze you... Don't worry, they are very comfortable and really don't squeeze.

Verified purchases of Socks that indicate that the sock is not tight

Keep your legs up

If what you are looking for is that feeling of relief, we recommend that you put them up:

  • put your legs up when you are working, on the couch, etc…
  • Raise the bottom of the mattress about 10-15 degrees with a blanket or similar.
  • of course, the Socks . That feeling of swelling in the legs is common and “ohh… ​​what a relief when I put on the socks. I instantly notice how the blood circulates.”


Keep your legs elevated whenever possible to facilitate venous return and reduce swelling.

Compression socks: the best solution

Compression stockings or compression socks are an excellent solution to relieve leg pain in summer. Their effectiveness is due to several factors that make them a recommended option to improve circulation and reduce symptoms associated with venous problems.

Benefits of wearing compression socks:

  • Improved venous return
  • Reduction of swelling and heaviness
  • Prevention of circulatory complications

Types of compression socks and how to choose the right ones

There are different types of compression socks that vary in the intensity of compression they offer. It is important to choose the appropriate level according to the individual needs of each person. It is also essential to consider the size and length of stockings to ensure proper fit and optimal therapeutic effect.

Finally, not only do you have to take into account the compression and the correct measurement, but also the material manufacturing main. At Calcetinos we have the FRESH collection, especially designed for the hottest months: they are made with Coolmax and an innovative system that allows all compression to be maintained to the maximum in addition to the characteristics of this material (they are very thin, very soft, very breathable, anti-odor... in addition, they have an extra added silk effect treatment so that the sensation to the touch with the skin is even softer).

Go to FRESH collection compression socks for summer

Even though they are so thin, do they provide good compression?

Many people ask us this. The answer is a resounding YES. We spent months studying and developing prototypes until we found the perfect technological combination so that you have the best compression stockings for summer (we don't have a grandmother... but we are very proud!).

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