Medias de compresión para el verano

Buena circulación incluso en los días más calurosos

Calcetines compresivos para el verano con compresión ligera (14-17 mmHg)

Technology & Innovation at your feet

Calcetinos' Coolmax gradual compression is unique because:

  • Breathability

    Coolmax is very breathable . Air circulates through the fabric, and this helps keep skin cool and dry .

  • Humidity control

    Special fiber structure that transports sweat from the skin to the outside, evaporating quickly.

  • Fast dry

    Thanks to its innovative technology, this compression sock dries much faster than others. Ideal for sports and outdoor activities.

  • Gradual compression

    Its function is to reduce lactic acid and toxins from the lower extremities
    and reduce the effects of muscle pain.

The coolest compression socks!

Medias de compresión cool originales fabricadas en españa
  • Light and Soft

    FRESH Socks are lightweight and have a soft texture, making them more comfortable to wear for long periods.

  • Resistant

    It is known for its durability and resistance to wear, which makes it an ideal option to use daily without worrying.

Medias Compresion Verano

Why you should trust Fresh Socks

  1. Made in Spain .
  2. Health professionals experts in compression therapy support us.
  3. Gradual compression (14-17 mmHg) certified .
  4. R&D team always improving the product.
  5. Real reviews from satisfied customers all over the web.

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Benefits for your long-term health

Compression stockings in summer: Improves circulation and well-being on hot days

Compression socks and stockings for summer. Thanks to their technology, they help regulate your temperature, keep your feet dry and control odor naturally. Combined with a modern style, you and your feet will feel cool during warm, sunny days.

Summer compression stockings: Improves circulation and well-being on hot days

Compression stockings are essential during summer to improve blood circulation and prevent venous problems. High temperatures can increase theswelling and feeling of tired legs, so these stockings are very beneficial. There are various types of compression stockings adapted for summer, with light and breathable materials. It is important to choose the right type according to individual needs to ensure comfort and effectiveness in use.

In Calcetinos we have on this same page the black stockings ofbambooand the rest manufactured incoolmax. Both materials are ideal for sensitive skin and hot days.

Benefits of compression stockings in summer

Compression stockings offer a number of key benefits during the summer season, helping to improve blood circulation, reduce leg swelling, relieve the feeling of tired legs and prevent the appearance of varicose and spider veins.

Improve blood circulation

One of the most notable benefits of compression stockings in summer is their ability to improve blood circulation in the legs, promoting venous return and reducing the feeling of heaviness.

Reduce leg swelling

Compression stockings in summer help reduce swelling in the legs, especially in extreme heat situations that can aggravate this problem. This helps keep your legs lighter and more comfortable.

Edema prevention

By preventing the accumulation of fluids in the tissues, compression stockings in summer are an effective tool to prevent the appearance of edema and maintain healthy legs.

Relieve tired legs

Wearing compression stockings in summer can provide relief from the discomfort associated with feeling tired legs, allowing for greater comfort and well-being during hot days.

Prevent varicose veins and spider veins

Thanks to their ability to improve circulation and reduce pressure in the veins, compression stockings in summer are an effective preventive measure against the formation of varicose veins and spider veins, common problems in hot weather.

Light and breathable materials

Advantages of Coolmax and Bamboo natural materials.

Compression stockings made with natural materials such as Bamboo or Coolmax offer greater breathability and comfort, ideal for summer.

How to choose compression stockings for summer

Adaptation to daily activity

Compression stockings must adapt to the daily routine and activities carried out.

It is important to take into account the level of physical activity and the amount of time spent standing or sitting.

Compression stockings for women and men?

At Calcetinos there are no models designed specifically for women and men. Our models are unisex, and all are adapted to the anatomical characteristics of both genders.

Thechoosing the right sizeIt is essential to ensure a proper fit and optimal compression.

Pregnancy Compression Stockings

Pregnant women can benefit from special compression stockings that help relieve swelling and discomfort in the legs during this stage.

Light vs. Compression Option strong compression

Depending on each person's specific medical condition and symptoms, they can opt for light or strong compression compression stockings.

The choice between soft or firm compression will depend on the venous pathology and medical recommendations.

Our compression islight, (14-17 mmHg), ideal forprevention.

How to wear compression stockings in summer

Recommended hours of use

To get the most out of the benefits of compression stockings in summer, it is important to follow the recommended schedules.

Use in the morning

It is recommended to wear compression stockings in the morning when you wake up to help prevent fluid buildup and improve circulation during the day.

Rest during the hottest hours

In the hottest hours, you may consider taking a break from compression stockings to allow your legs to breathe and stay cool.

Adaptation to outdoor activities

If you plan to do outdoor activities during the summer, it is important to adapt the use of compression stockings to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Running and cycling

If you practice running or cycling, compression stockings can improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, providing additional support to the legs during the activity.

It can improve pedaling efficiency and reduce the feeling of fatigue. In addition, they help maintain stable body temperature and prevent the accumulation of lactic acid.

Walks and hiking

For walking and hiking, compression stockings can help prevent swelling and tired legs, allowing you to enjoy the activity more comfortably.

Compression stockings in sports and physical activities

Improved muscle recovery

By wearing compression stockings after physical activity, you can promote afaster muscle recoveryand effective.

Compression helps reduce inflammation and muscle pain, facilitating the elimination of waste metabolites and promoting tissue regeneration.

Injury prevention

Compression stockings provide stability to joints and muscles, which can help prevent injuries during sports.

By improving blood circulation and reducing muscle vibration, the risk of cramps, strains or excessive fatigue in the legs is reduced.