If you usually travel a lot by plane or train, you will be familiar with the term “economy class syndrome” , or perhaps you have suffered from it. This syndrome is an unwanted companion during trips, especially those that last hours, and it is estimated that 1 person in every 5,000 suffers from it .

Therefore, if for pleasure or work you spend the week on board a train or a plane, in this post we give you the best advice so that your trips are enjoyable and do not become a nightmare.

What is tourist syndrome?

Tourist syndrome , or economy class syndrome, is a set of symptoms suffered by being in the same position for a long time , something common on long plane or train trips . This lack of movement hinders blood circulation through the lower extremities, causing the legs to swell, feel heavy, or itch.

What are the symptoms of this syndrome?

Typical symptoms of tourist syndrome, as we said just before, include swelling in the legs , a feeling of heaviness, discomfort or pain in them .

This type of discomfort, in general, is not serious, but in the most extreme cases the appearance of blood clots is common. However, behind this complication (which is potentially dangerous) it is normal that there are other risk factors.

Risk factors associated with economy class syndrome

Anyone can suffer from tourist syndrome, although there are certain factors that contribute to its appearance .

Varicose veins

Varicose veins, which are dilated veins that become visible under the skin, can increase the risk of suffering from economy class syndrome, because there is already difficulty in blood circulation in the legs . Click here to learn how to prevent the appearance of varicose veins .

Advanced age

With age and the natural aging of the cardiovascular system, circulatory diseases are more common , so older people are more likely to suffer from economy class syndrome than younger people.

Medications and contraceptives

Some medications and certain contraceptives can affect circulation and increase the risk of suffering from this syndrome . In these cases, it is advisable to consult our doctor when planning a trip of several hours.

History of thrombosis

Those who have a personal or family history of thrombosis should be especially careful, as they are at higher risk of developing this syndrome .

Obesity and pregnancy

Being overweight puts additional pressure on the veins in the legs , thus hindering venous return and increasing the risk of swelling and other circulatory problems.

The same can be said for pregnant women , who, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, often suffer from swollen legs due to the weight of the baby .

Airplane seats where you can suffer from tourist syndrome

How to prevent economy class syndrome?

When the trip ahead is long, we can take a series of precautions or routines to reduce the possibility of suffering from economy class syndrome. In this way, the journey to reach our destination will be most pleasant.

Seat selection and mobility

Seats in business class have a higher price, but offer more space to “stretch your legs.” However, if it is not possible to travel in them and we must do so in economy, it is advisable to choose the seats that face the aisle , so we will have more freedom when it comes to getting up and taking a short walk on the train or plane.

Position and exercises in the seat

Another tip to avoid tourist syndrome is not to bend your legs too much, cross them or leave them hanging . Likewise, we can do simple exercises such as contracting and relaxing your muscles .

Take advantage of the scales

If it is a trip with stops, instead of sitting in the terminal, taking a walk through it helps activate circulation in the legs . And, by the way, it wouldn't be bad to buy some souvenirs duty-free.

Wear appropriate clothing

Many times, something as simple as wearing comfortable clothes for the trip can reduce the possibility of suffering from economy class syndrome. Tight pants, underwear, and shoes should go in your suitcase instead of wearing them for your trip , as they put added, unwanted pressure on your legs.

Using compression socks

In the previous point we referred to the “bad” pressure exerted by certain types of clothing. However, there are other garments that precisely apply light pressure that is beneficial for blood circulation .

These garments are compression socks , garments that exert gradual pressure from the ankle to the area below the knee. In this way, they make blood flow better through the legs , reducing the possibility of suffering from tourist syndrome.

Calcetinos ' compression socks apply a tested pressure of 14-17 mmHg , so they are easy to use and give you maximum comfort , just what you need for your long trips.

Compression socks for men and women

Our socks not only seek to relieve the symptoms of economy class syndrome, but are also designed forpeople who spend the day standing or working sitting , want to prevent varicose veins, are pregnant or, in general, have some condition or routine. which causes their legs to swell.

Discover our compression socks for airplanes or trains, and don't let your legs give you the ride.

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