Swelling in the legs is one of the most common problems among the population, and not only in older people. The feeling of having swollen legs, often accompanied by heaviness and itching, causes us discomfort and prevents us from enjoying our free time the way we like to spend it.

Therefore, the first step to treating swelling in the legs and thus improving quality of life is to discover the cause that causes it .

Causes of swelling in the legs

The heart is responsible for pumping blood to the body through the arteries. That blood returns to the heart through veins, tubes that consist of small valves that open and close as blood passes through them. These valves work thanks to the pressure applied to them by certain pumps, which, in the case of the lower extremities, are the pumps of the sole of the foot and the calf.

When the pumps do not exert enough pressure, the valves do not work correctly, and this causes the blood to circulate worse or even remain trapped. Therefore, the cause of swollen legs is poor circulation through the lower extremities caused by malfunctioning venous valves.

Medical causes of swollen legs

    Symptoms or signs of swollen legs

    Swollen legs are a symptom in themselves . However, they can be accompanied by other discomforts , such as itching, heaviness and even pain, and manifest in different ways , for example, they can swell in a specific area, on just one side or on both, etc.

    Symptoms or signs of swollen legs

    How to relieve swelling in the legs

    The first thing we should do is go to our doctor to rule out the different diseases that can cause swelling in the legs, such as chronic venous insufficiency or deep vein thrombosis.

    If, in fact, we do not suffer from any disease responsible for the swelling in the legs, we must pay attention to the non-medical causes that cause it , such as maintaining the same posture for a long time, standing for many hours or being pregnant.

    We will not always be able to avoid all situations . For example, if we spend the day sitting at work, how can we prevent our legs from swelling?

    One of the ways is by applying pressure to the legs , pressure that contributes to the work of the capillaries, thus improving blood circulation and reducing fluid accumulation .

    For this, there are compression socks, a type of garment that exerts gradual pressure on certain areas of the leg to make blood circulate more easily. In this way, the sensation of swelling, heaviness or even itching decreases.

    Relieve swelling in the legs

    Who are light compression socks recommended for?

    Light compression socks are especially recommended as a preventive measure for those who are prone to suffering from swollen legs. However, they are also the solution for other people who, due to certain circumstances, suffer from this problem.

    1. People who spend the day standing or the day sitting

    Especially at work. We cannot always take all the necessary breaks to change posture (sitting or standing) and relieve swelling.

    Whether you spend hours on the go or in a chair, wearing compression socks for standing or sitting work will make the rest of the day less of an uphill climb.

    2. People who are going to spend many hours traveling

    When we travel in our private car, we can stop whenever we need to. However, when we do it by train or plane we cannot “stretch our legs” as much as we would like.

    In these means of transportation, where we will spend several hours with our legs in practically the same position (especially in economy class), wearing compression socks for traveling is a good idea to avoid the accumulation of fluids that causes swelling in the legs.

    3. People who want to prevent varicose veins

    Varicose veins appear due to excessive dilation of the veins , which causes blood to circulate worse (venous insufficiency). Mild compression socks help prevent the dilation of the veins and, therefore, the appearance of varicose veins.

    4. Pregnant women

    There are different reasons why pregnant women suffer from swelling in their legs, such as hormonal imbalances and the weight that the baby exerts on the mother's lower extremities. Result: fluid accumulation and worse blood circulation .

    Click here to read the 5 tricks to relieve swollen legs during pregnancy .

    Is it normal to have swollen legs during pregnancy?

    Compression socks for pregnant women are especially recommended in the last months of pregnancy, when the pressure exerted by the baby is much greater due to its weight gain.

    In the case of women with menopause, fluid retention is also due to the hormonal imbalances that are experienced when reaching this stage of life.

    5. Sports people

    Athletes, and not just elite ones, can also wear compression socks. Thus, by improving circulation through the legs , oxygenation of the muscles increases , which reduces the feeling of fatigue and even improves recovery after exercise. Therefore, compressive socks for athletes are the best trick to increase performance.

    Compression socks for athletic people

    Compression socks from Calcetinos

    Calcetinos compression socks exert light pressure , ranging from 14 to 17 mmHg (millimeters of mercury). That is, they are designed to relieve mild swelling problems in the legs, NOT for the treatment of diseases such as venous thrombosis, edema or chronic venous insufficiency (if you suffer from any of them, consult your doctor).

    These are socks that cover the entire calf, just below the knee , since the ankle socks do not put pressure on the calf. As for the designs, we choose colors that can be combined with your daily life and your work. In addition, we make them without excessive decorations, as this can make them lose effectiveness. Finally, they are made with comfortable, natural and breathable materials , so you can wear them even in summer, such as cotton and bamboo.

    Therefore, if you spend the day standing or sitting, you are pregnant, you have menopause, you want to prevent the appearance of varicose veins or increase your sports performance... No pressure, but you need some Calcetinos.

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