At Calcetinos we are moved by the desire to take care of your legs , those great ones forgotten throughout the day. One of the most common problems in them is varicose veins , those dilated veins that can be so annoying that they take away our desire to enjoy our free time as we want.

Therefore, in this article we explain a series of simple exercises recommended to prevent or relieve varicose veins , which, together with healthy habits, can make a big difference in your daily life.

Recommended exercises to prevent or relieve varicose veins

The exercises that we tell you below improve blood circulation through the legs , which is one of the causes why varicose veins appear (although there are more, such as genetic factors, etc.).

1. Gentle bicycle pedaling

Pedaling a bicycle is not only a fun exercise, but also beneficial for circulation. If you can't do it on a real bike, imagine riding one and do it in the air face up, or on a stationary bike. This activates blood circulation in your legs in a gentle and effective way.

2. Flexion exercises: heel-toe and toes

This exercise can be done even while working at your desk. Alternate between lifting your heels and then the balls of your feet. This simple move helps strengthen your calf muscles, a key component in leg circulation.

3. Leg movements: separation and turns

Practice movements that require spreading your legs and making gentle turns. These exercises increase flexibility and improve circulation, and can be done anytime, anywhere.

4. Swim, walk or run at low intensity

Include low-intensity activities such as walking, light jogging or swimming in your routine. These activities are beneficial for your legs and help improve general circulation, in addition to being excellent for your cardiovascular health.

5. Feet together and toes or heels

Standing exercises, such as standing on your toes or leaning on your heels, strengthen your legs and improve circulation. They are quick and easy, and can be put into practice at home or in the office.

6. The importance of good posture and rest

Maintaining good posture is essential for the health of your legs. Avoid crossing them when sitting and be sure to change positions regularly. Plus, giving your legs a break by elevating them can relieve pressure and improve circulation.

Healthy habits to complement exercises

Apart from these exercises, there are several routines that help prevent varicose veins , such as maintaining a balanced diet and hydrating properly . Thus, you should avoid the consumption of saturated fats, excess salt, alcohol and tobacco, since they worsen blood circulation, not only in the legs, but throughout the cardiovascular system.

Prohibited exercises if we have varicose veins

Given the exercises that are recommended if we have varicose veins, we must also talk about the exercises and activities that should be avoided if we suffer from them , as they could worsen the situation.

  • High-intensity sports : activities such as running at high speed or jumping increase pressure on the veins in the legs, which is harmful for those who suffer from varicose veins.
  • Hypertrophy exercises : intense weight lifting exercises, push-ups, etc., are also not recommended if you have varicose veins, as they increase pressure on the lower extremities, especially squats.
  • Excessive Stretching – Although stretching is beneficial if done gently, overstretching will have the opposite effect.

The power of compression socks to prevent varicose veins

Along with healthy routines and the exercises recommended for varicose veins, compression socks are another grain of sand in the prevention of this common discomfort .

Thus, the Calcetinos compressive socks , which exert a gradual pressure of 14 to 17 mmHg , are an excellent complement to enjoy healthy legs.

Designed to be comfortable and effective, our socks for varicose veins reduce the possibility of suffering from them by improving circulation in the legs , which is why they are also recommended for other situations or activities in which blood circulates worse:standing for a long time , long periods of time sitting , legs swollen from pregnancy , long trips ...

Compression socks to prevent varicose veins for men and women

Have you taken good note of the exercises from before? Also put on some socks and get your legs to work!

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