As is the case in others, the fashion sector is also making its green revolution , increasingly betting on natural, biodegradable and sustainable raw materials. In this way, we seek to minimize the impact that consumers have on the environment to leave a better world for future generations.

In the textile sector, specifically, one of the materials that is gaining the greatest popularity is bamboo fiber , thanks, as we will see in this post, to its multiple qualities.

Where is bamboo fiber obtained from?

If the Santiago white horse is white, bamboo fiber is obtained from bamboo .

This tropical plant with a resistant and woody cane-shaped stem is known worldwide for serving as food for the cute pandas, but the truth is that it is an all-terrain plant in terms of uses : construction material, paper pulp, medicines and, As we said before, clothes.

The simplified process for obtaining bamboo fiber is as follows:

  • When the bamboo is mature, it is felled, cutting it cleanly so that new shoots grow and the bamboo replenishes itself naturally.
  • In turn, the stems are cut into smaller pieces, and then macerated in a liquid solution.
  • Through the maceration process, bamboo pulp (bamboo viscose) is obtained, which will be dried in the form of sheets.
  • Subsequently, these sheets are crushed to obtain the bamboo fiber with which the fabrics will be created.

Qualities of bamboo fabrics

Bamboo fiber is especially recommended for the manufacture of underwear , such as socks, due to the advantages offered by this 100% natural fabric:


It is estimated that bamboo is up to 50% more breathable than cotton , making it more effective at removing moisture and keeping skin dry. Very important when it comes to socks, even more so if we use them in summer.

Natural antibacterial

Bamboo cane contains a natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic , properties that the fibers made with it also have. In fact, the plant is rarely attacked by pests and insects, precisely because of its defense system.


Like cotton, bamboo fiber offers great resistance wash after wash , as long as the garment is properly cared for.


Bamboo fiber is a very soft material to the touch , without a doubt, something we all want when we wear socks for hours.

Bamboo fiber to make gradual compression socks

So now cotton does deceive?

Not at all! What's more, cotton continues to be one of the most used fabrics for making underwear . And it is not in vain, since it provides great durability to the garment (in fact, more than bamboo), it retains heat better and, like bamboo, it is very soft .

Tips when choosing bamboo or cotton socks

With everything we have seen, the question is: which socks to choose, bamboo fiber ones or cotton ones?

The truth is that no fabric is “globally” better than the other , so the choice of bamboo or cotton socks will largely depend on your personal tastes . Yes, we can, however, give you some small tips that will make your decision easier :

  • The climate : if you plan to walk around the center of Seville with socks in the middle of summer, bamboo socks will give you a greater feeling of freshness than cotton, as they are more breathable. On the other hand, if your plan is to spend Christmas in Burgos, we recommend cotton socks, which are warmer.
  • Comfort : Both fabrics are soft, although bamboo beats cotton by a hair. The best thing to do is to try both fabrics to see which one you feel most comfortable with.
  • Durability : Bamboo and cotton are resistant fibers, but cotton holds up better wash after wash.
Compressive bamboo fiber socks

Bamboo socks to relieve the feeling of swollen legs

At Calcetinos we are dedicated to taking a weight off the shoulders of people who suffer from swollen, tired or itchy legs , something typical when you stand for a long time, sit for a long time, are pregnant, etc.

For this, the solution is compression socks , a type of garment that applies gradual pressure from the ankle to the lower area of ​​the knee, thus making blood circulate better and reducing the feeling of swollen legs.

In our mixed bag we have a model of compression stocking made of bamboo viscose , a garment designed to avoid those symptoms of heaviness at the end of the day, and with all the advantages that this natural fabric offers you.

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If you work standing up, if you work sitting down, if you travel a lot by plane or train, or if you are pregnant... No pressure, but you need some compressive socks.

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