If there is a job that is carried out out of true passion, it is that of a nurse , one of the most important professions in society , along with so many others. However, it is also a sacrificial job , one of those in which you are on your feet all day, with stress, running from one place to another in the hospital and with just a few minutes to rest.

Nurses take care of us, but… who takes care of them to make their day (or night) easier?

If you know a person dedicated to nursing and want to make everything more bearable for them, here are the best gift ideas for nurses, our anonymous heroines!

1. Activity and monitoring bracelet

For a nurse, it is essential to be aware of your physical activity and sleep cycles , which are often disrupted. With an activity and monitoring bracelet , a small gadget that records daily exploits, they can track steps taken, stairs climbed and descended, and heart rate, which runs wild in stressful situations.

These types of devices are an excellent gift for a nurse, to remind her to take care of herself as much as she takes care of the patients.

2. Pocket organizers

Pocket organizers are the best complement to nursing gowns (by the way, another good gift), a place to carry everything you need and which can be accessed comfortably .

Scissors, plasters, tape, gauze, pens, keys... There are many and diverse utensils and materials that nurses use daily , so, for reasons of convenience and speed, it is essential that they are all in the same place. You will find pocket organizers of all kinds, from classic plain ones to others with cute prints related to nursing.

3. Neck and back massagers

We must make the most of the few brief moments of rest, in the nursing room, in the cafeteria or outdoors. Bending, squatting and other movements that are done constantly throughout the day overload the muscles of the neck and back .

Therefore, another of the best gifts for a nurse is a massager for these areas of the body , so they can recover quickly before jumping back into action.

4. Sanitary clogs

Sanitary clogs are not normal shoes, but are designed to offer practicality and comfort in equal measure .

As with the previous one, giving a nurse some sanitary clogs means taking care of her health and her rest . In addition, there are so many models, designs and colors that it will be easy for you to find the clog that you like the most and in which you feel most comfortable.

5. Compression socks

Compression socks are probably the best gift you can give a nurse . As with other jobs where you are on your feet most of the time, it is common for nurses to suffer from swollen legs at the end of the workday.

The reason for this condition is the long hours spent standing, which causes blood to circulate worse through the legs and fluid accumulates in them. Thus, the legs swell, feel tired or even itchy.

To prevent this discomfort, the solution iscompressive socks for standing work, garments that apply gradual pressure from the ankle to at least the area below the knee. Thanks to this light pressure, blood flows better through the legs, and they feel lighter and full of energy .

Compression socks for nurses made of light green and gray cotton

For all these reasons, giving compression socks to a nurse is another gesture to take care of her . So that when you finish your long day (or night), the last thing you have to think about is how much your legs are bothering you.

Discover here the models that we propose at Calcetinos and you will find the perfect (and necessary) gift for that companion you love so much!

You will also find 3x2 packs of compression socks here , with a bag to store them and take them comfortably to work.

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